Meeting Jose Miguel Sokoloff – Chief Creative Officer Lowe-SSP3 Bogota

“Here’s something interesting,” I say pointing at my tablet.

We’re in London for our Storytelling Expedition Around the World. After our meeting, Maarten and I made a stop in Nero for a café latte and to check our email.

“I’ve just received a LinkedIn message,” I continue, “from Jeani Rodgers, global communications director at Lowe. I’ll read it out to you… Continue reading


Jose Miguel Sokoloff, a man with a mission

We are talking to Jose Miguel Sokoloff, global CCO for Lowe and partner of Lowe-SSP3 Bogota. Jose has been using creativity to try and help solve the guerilla war that has been raging in his home country Colombia for decades.

“Before I share my story, let me ask you a question,” Jose starts. “Have you ever been to Colombia? I see you spend a lot of time in Brazil. If you think Brazil is booming, wait until you see Colombia.” Continue reading

Working with the Ministry of Defense to influence the struggle with FARC

”Jeani told us that you work with the Ministry of Defense to influence the struggle with FARC,” I say. “How does a creative agency get to work with the military?”

“I am sure you know about FARC,” Jose replies. “As alongside the obvious drugs issue it is the largest single issue we have in Colombia. For over 60 years, they have been trying to overthrow Colombia’s democratic government. As a result, the Colombian administration, and countries like the US define them as terrorists. Continue reading

‘Operation Bethlehem’ – communicating for peace in Colombia

We met Jose Miguel Sokoloff, Chief Creative Officer at Lowe SSP3 Bogota.

They just launched the 3rd campaign for the Colombian Ministry of Defence.
The campaign is designed to encourage the demobilization of the FARC Guerrilla army, central to Colombia’s long running civil conflict of some 60+ years.

Read more about Jose Miguel Sokoloff and his passion.

Using the Power of Communication to make things better

“I watched the video of ‘Operation Bethlehem’, impressive indeed. What did you aim to accomplish with it?” I ask.

“First of course, it is a campaign from the Ministry of Defense appealing to FARC guerillas to help them go home to their families who are waiting for them.

“Second, the campaign is looking to gain international recognition. It tells the world what we are trying to do here. What our government is trying to achieve. It will change the image of our country for the better. And like you said earlier, that is something we need badly. Continue reading